Remote Location

Remote Location in Szatmárnémeti (Romania / Satu Mare) has an official ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates since 2011 on.

For the standard of IATF 16949, we acquired 2013 onwards for the operations casting and plastering services in the year.

Our operating units - as in the foundry in Apc - have all such equipment, machines, with which we make use of a maximum corresponding products of our customers.

The equipment used on our site:

  • CNC sand core manufacturing machines
  • Furnaces with gas heating
  • Crucible holding furnaces with resistance heating
  • Deaerator device
  • Hydraulic, tool tilting motion Gießgestelle
  • Core burnout
  • Milling and sawing machine manually and mechanically
  • Shot blasting equipment
  • X-ray system
  • Spectrophotometer (quantometer)
  • Leak Meter