Production of Castings

The main activities of the company Qualiform Zrt. are:

Our activities range mainly over manufacturing of die-casting tools that we use in our production. We produce and repair in fewer number of pieces, pressure casting dies, and cutting tools.

We undertake asignements, from designing - to test casting, with the help of the fallowing programs and supplied information:

  • according drawings or model, with the drawing up of the necessary technology. 
  • Computerized designing of tools, core boxes, fixing tools, measuring devices.
  • Material of tools: high tensile heat resistant steel.

We are dealing with fabrication of aluminium die castings in the range of 0,3-0,5 kg/pc. up to 10 -15 kg/pc. As for alloys, we generally use LM 25, LM6, AlSi10 Mg, AlSi7Mg0,3, however we are ready to produce parts from other sort of alloys as well. We can not undertake the production of law series/below 1-2 thousand/pc/year.

As a result, the technology of casting themselves infusion parts and feeders are the castings, which are removed by sawing, grinding, turning. We then clean the excess burr by grinding, filing and hand sanding. Plaster work is still shot peening, which ensures a uniform surface, a beautiful color and the necessary purity of the cavities. After quality control (X, Quality Gate), our products are for editing. With our CNC machining and turning machines we can - according to the design of our engineers - in several positions finishing the complicated configuration castings. We control the machined castings with a 3D measuring machine WENZEL.

For all three areas, we have an ISO 9001 certification, this makes a significant contribution to ensuring the excellent quality of our products and our reliable services.

For our production processes such as casting, plaster work, CNC machining with our IATF 16949 certificate proof to the fact that we produce the auto industrial products of the highest quality possible.