Qualiform Zrt.Company history

The company QUALIFORM ZRT. was founded on January 8, 2007 as the legal successor to BT Holding Qualiform Kft. (1995-2007). The 100% Hungarian company is located in Apc, Heves county..

The history of the Foundry in Apc dates back to 1946. At that time Qualital was registered in Budapest, which can be associated with the name of Márton Solti. This company was a typical small company, a foundry that was able to adapt quickly to the market situation and into which the co-owners invested all their expertise, management experience and working hours.

  • In 1949 the company was nationalized and the Qualital National Light Metal Company was founded.
  • During the planning period between 1961 and 1965, it became known that the company was included in the list of companies to be relocated from Budapest. Developments in Budapest were limited and the company received the site in Apc in the final year of the planning period, where it would later continue its operations.
  • The governess systems of economic policy were further developed, the autonomy of companies strengthened and the forms of management democratized.
  • On July 1, 1985, a completely independent company called Qualital Light Metal Foundry was founded.
  • In 1992 the state company began to be liquidated.
  • In 1994, BT. Holding Qualiform Kft bought the assets from the liquidator.
  • In 1995 BT.Holding Qualiform Kft started operations.

Qualiform Zrt. with decades of experience, manufactures aluminium mold castings (medium and low quantities) and operates a tool shop. Our main products are made for the automotive industry, including the trucking industry, which includes complex, labor-intensive sand core castings weighing from 0.3kg to 8.5kg. Depending on the customer's wishes, the products are machined, surface treated and delivered assembled.

Our customers are mainly European automobile manufacturers (Germany), but we also ship to Brazil, overseas. Approx. 10% of our production stays in inland.

The production volume of Qualiform Zrt. is 1200 tons / year.

In addition to our basic technology, our company has its own tool design team and tool shop, where we can also design various tools for other production companies if required.

The success of our company has enabled us to open a branch where we can achieve further volume growth. The branch opened in 2011 in Satu Mare, Romania.

Our company is a founding member of the Hungarian Foundry Association, which was founded in December 1992.


Various castings
CNC machining centres
Tons of annual capacity

Our developments


Procurement of DMC 55 H, DMC 70 H, DMC 60 U machining centres


Expansion of the processing room, reconstruction of the plastering department and the finished goods warehouse, acquisition of the DMC 65 H processing centre


Purchase of DMC 80 U, DMC 50 H processing centre, expansion of the processing room, purchase of new X-ray equipment for industrial cabins, purchase and installation of a melting furnace in a Romanian foundry, purchase of X-ray inspection equipment.


Procurement of 2 DMC 65 H, 1 DMC 60 U machining centre, purchase of DMU 85 mono block milling machine, Creo Essential software, construction of a nitrogen network, purchase of KMAG 80, KMAG 60 core shooter


Density index measuring device, Creo Essential design software, creation of darkroom, creation of quality gates I-II.


Acquisition and commissioning of a washing tunnel with a hand washing system with two workstations, design of pressure drop test cells, DMC 60 H Linear


Construction of a heat storage furnace, procurement of a KMAG 40 core shooting system, display and recording of foundry data, data acquisition for casting tools, power mill, NovaCast casting simulation software, tape shot peening system, pressure drop testing system, lattice boxes, solution for the storage of packaging material, procurement of the II. Coordinate measuring machine, design of a Engraving station, introduction of the SPC program, introduction of the production control program: dSuite


Design of a pressure drop measurement room (measurement laboratory), CATIA V5 design program


Purchase of 2 DMC 80 H Linear, 1 DMC 60 H Linear machining centre, purchase of LTC 602 R pressure drop tester


Acquisition of an optical 3D measuring system (scanner), construction of a new CNC hall, acquisition of DMC 80 H linear and DMC 60 H L + B46inear machining centres, construction of a new finished goods warehouse, acquisition of X-ray machines


Creation of a new warehouse for CNC machining tools, commissioning of the second washing tunnel, commissioning of the display and recording of foundry data in Romania


Establishment of a purity test laboratory

The mission and vision of Qualiform Zrt.

Among our future goals, we consider it important to strengthen long-term business relationships, improve the quality of our products and expand our product range. Appropriate and open partnerships help us to achieve our successes and goals.

Our principles that lead to our goal:

  • well trained staff
  • creativity
  • continuous improvement
  • Quality awareness
  • a responsible commitment to safety, health and the natural environment.

We are proud of our Hungarian engineering team, our specialists who have the highest level of knowledge essential for the quality development of our products and the production of the best quality products in the future. We constantly monitor the changes in the market environment to which we adapt accordingly.